The Most Famous Bass Guitarists in 2016

Bass players are usually given less credit than they deserve. The reason behind this is the fact that primary for most people focus is usually on the lead singer and not the guitarists. However, any seasoned musician appreciates the role played by a bass guitarist in any live performance. Some bass guitarists are just too good in what they do. There are a couple of names, which have been dominated the list of the most famous bass guitarists in 2016. Here are some household names you can not afford to ignore when it comes to playing the bass guitar.

Notable Mentions


Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of the bass players who can be recognized at an instant. Over the years, he has developed slap bass sound that many fans enjoy, which is unique to him. You can tell of his presence even when he is guest starring on a song, not from his band. His background is in jazz, and he draws some inspiration from that genre to his rock performances.


Stephen Brunner, also known as Thundercat is an amazing bassist, composer, and space man. He has hit the music world in the past couple of years in a big way. He is working alongside Brainfeeder founder and West Coast beat-maker, Flying Lotus, to introduce a new bass playing generation to jazz, almost similar to what Les Claypool and Flea did in the 90s.

Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee of Rush is a recent Hall of Fame inductee. He is one of the originals, who many bassists try hard to imitate. Lee is quite extraordinary, given the fact that he not only plays some of the most intricate bass lines ever heard but sings as well.

qdeesFAQqqsdqdCarol Kaye

Carol started out as a guitarist, but later on switched to bass where her skills and talent showcased the best. Her jazz training helps her move across genres quite easily, having played pop, rock, soul, and other TV music recordings.

John Entwistle

John came up with piston-like fingering techniques that made him quite famous and downright flashy. He could modulate the bass guitar into a booming machine that is fueled by shiny treble and thunderous crashes. His speed laid the groundwork for heavy metal. He was nicknamed ‘Thunderfingers’ and is responsible for giving the Darwinian the push that it needed to evolve into the greatest secret weapon of rock.


Streaming Exciting Movies Online For Free

All movie buffs agree that waiting for popcorn, drinks, and long lines. You will also have to deal with mobile phones going off in cinema halls. Those are just some of the drawbacks of streaming movies online. Nowadays, it is possible to get premium movie content for free. Free Movies Online have put an end to those days of getting ready for traveling to the movie cinemas.

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Movie buffs

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Review Of Showbox App For Android Devices

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How it works

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Top TV Series You Should Watch Now

Television shows and episodes continue to be very and diverse. In fact, there are different shows, watch series, sports events, news, and educational shows, which are broadcasted by different TV stations. You can even watch all these online.

Captivating series to watch

There are series that are captivating. These have many fans waiting for thgt3g5etd7yu236etd6dye release of each episode. In fact, you will find them waiting for the next season. The following are must watch series:


This is an Americal TV series developed by Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti, and Ali Adler. It is usually aired on CBS. This series on a comic character, Supergirl created by Al Plastino, Melissa Benoist, and Otto Binder in the title role. A costumed superheroine is the biological about Superman. This series started officially on May 2015. This series was premiered on October 2015 and received 20 episodes by the end of November 2015.

Scream Queens

This is an American horror-comedy TV series that is created by Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy, and Ian Brennan. This series premiered on September 2015. It consists of 13 full episodes, and it centers on series of murders that involve Kappa Tau, where the president of Kappa is Chanel Oberlin. A serial killer that is dressed as Red Devil mascot that starts to target sorority members re-emerges.

The Walking Dead

This is another American horror TV show series that is based on comic book series with the same name and developed by Frank Darabont. The lead character role is played by Andrew Lincoln, who awakens from a coma and tries to adapt to the world that is full of some humans and zombies that are very dangerous.

One of the things you may love about the series is character oppression. In fact, it does not matter how dignified you are, sooner the principles, the righteousness, and ethics will collapse.

Other Series

gv3tt36y6dyudu6u8eThere are many TV series that will amaze you. They include Greys Anatomy, The Bastard Executioner, Big Brother US, Pretty Little Liars, and many more. You can watch all of them online.

Watching Full TV Shows and episodes online is now possible. There are websites with massive databases that archive popular TV episodes and shows. Therefore, you can search them online easily. This gives viewers a broad range of content to choose. You can also watch episodes that are not aired in your country. These sites give you the freedom to watch anytime, anywhere.


Finding a reliable movie site

Utilizing a movie streaming site like Putlocker to watch movies online has a lot of benefits. For one, you will be able to keep your money in your pocket since you won’t need to go to the theater anymore just to see the most recent movie of your favorite actress. Another advantage is that you will have easy access to films from the different genres, and you can watch multiple movies in just one day. However, your movie experience would highly depend on the movie site that you utilize.

A reliable movie site

ghsahgshgshgsaIn order for you to have a good movie experience, you have to use a reliable movie site. This means that the website should not have any problem playing the movies of your choice. Otherwise, you will just end up frustrated. Another thing that you have to check is the fees. Some will require you to pay a membership fee or subscription fee before you can even start seeing the movies. If you end up with a movie streaming site that will ask payment from you, make sure that the fees or charges are transparent. Also, you have to consider the collection of movies and TV shows that you can avail of on a certain site.

With the huge number of movie sites that have flooded the world wide web, choosing a reliable website could be a daunting task. So, to help you find a good movie site, consider the following.

1. Search for the certified and most trusted movie sites

Since you are already online, it will be quite easier for you to do your homework. You can utilize the search engines to search for the certified and most trusted movie sites that you can use. Once you get some results, take note of them as well as their features. This way, you will be able to make a comparison as to which of them is the best site for you to watch movies on.

2. Check the reviews

Reviews about the different movie sites are also available online. You just have to be very patient when you are researching. After all, you will greatly benefit from it if you end up with a reliable movie streaming site. Through the reviews, you will have an idea of the strong and weak points of a particular movie site. These information will surely help you make a smart choice.

ghahgashgahgas3. Get some recommendations

Another way of finding a reliable movie site is to get recommendations from your family and friends. If they are fond of watching movies online, I am sure they will be able to provide you with pieces of advice as to which site is the best to use.


Movie4k: The Best Site To Watch Movies Online

Are you getting tired of the same movies and shows that they have been playing over and over again on TV? Cheer up because there is an easy way out of those boring channels. Get on your smartphone or computer and watch movies online. And the other good news is, you can view your favorite movies at no cost. Yes, that is right. It is absolutely for free! So, what are you waiting for? Turn your laptop on and check the website


gsahgashjsMovie4k is a site that you sure don’t want to miss if you are a movie buff. This particular streaming platform is offering you a wide variety of movies that you can choose from. Whether you want to look back at the box office movies that have hit the theaters worldwide many years ago, or you wish to see the latest and most popular films that have captured the eyes of the new generation, Movie4k got them all for you. And again, you won’t have to pay a dime to enjoy your movies.


Unlike the other websites that are offering the same services, it is free to watch movies online through Movie4k. You are guaranteed that you will not be charged with any charges to utilize the site. Once you get on, you will be able to start searching for a movie that you wish to see right away. So, share the good news with your family and friends and experience the adventure in the movie world together.

No registration

Another good thing about Movie4k is that, it does not require you to fill up a sign-up form nor complete a registration before you can access the movies on their database. All you need is your cellphone or your desktop and you are on your way to a world that is filled with thrill and fun.

How to watch movies online through Movie4k?

ahjashhjsaOnce you are on the website of Movie4k, you will immediately see the list of movies that they have. Since the site has a large compilation of movies, you can search the video that you wish to watch by putting in some keywords in the search box. Or, you can simply choose according to the kind or genre. You can also click on the categories to make it easier for you to find the movie that you are looking for. Once you have found it, just click on it and you can start your movie marathon.


Why Sean Connery is The Best Actor For The Bond Character

Who is the best actor for the character James Bond? This is a recurrent debate among movie lovers of the James Bond franchise (the film industry’s longest-running franchise) the world over. For some people, Sean Connery, the originator of the role, cannot be topped; others love Roger Moore’s over-sophisticated demeanor, and younger movie-goers adore Daniel Craig’s (current James Bond) rugged hard-nosed aura.

According to wide consensus and numerous polls, Sean Connery, who acted the kjgg;oug97766role in six films from 1962 to 1971 and then in 1983, is the best Bond. In his seven Bond films-Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds are Forever and Never Say Never Again-Sean Connery brought a suave coolness coupled with a wry, smug smile that remains unmatched to this day.

There are several reasons why the Edinburgh-born Sean Connery is considered by many to be the best Bond:

1. He was the first

Connery played the first James Bond and took on the role seven times. While he may not be considered to be the very embodiment of Sir Ian Fleming’s book character, he is essentially the original Hollywood action hunk. He paved the way for such modern action heartthrobs like Tom Cruise or even Daniel Craig.

2. His unrivaled charm

He is the most charming and charismatic of all Bond actors. His suave and slick phrases and one-liners like ‘Bond, James Bond’ have become part of movie folklore.

3. His acting prowess

Connery’s acting skills are of unquestionably high caliber. This is proved by his enduring and glittering career where he even won an Oscar for the movie ‘Untouchables’-one of his post-Bond roles.Only Daniel Craig comes close to his versatility.

4. His athleticism and fitness

kjgliuufli98759875Connery, the original Bond, brought great athleticism and ruggedness to the role. This can partially be traced to his bodybuilding history, having contested for the Mr. Universe title in his younger days. While endowed with a lady-pleasing build and accent, Connery’s Bond was still physically impressive enough to make his battles with bad guys in various movies believable, entertaining and exciting.

5. Endorsement from the Bond creator

Initially, the creator of the Bond character (Ian Fleming) had serious doubts about Connery’s ability to portray the Bond character. He would later be so impressed by Connery’s convincing screen magnetism that he modified the Bond character in his later books to include a Swiss-Scottish heritage.

In conclusion, who is the best actor for the character James Bond? Sean Connery is the quintessential James Bond. However, some may argue that the James Bond actor nearest to their hearts is the one they first saw in their first Bond movie.