Here Are Some Great New Year 2016 Party Ideas To Have A Bang

New Year parties can be tricky because everyone’s just getting off the Christmas high. There’s also the budget question: how can you afford a New Year party when you’ve just thrown a big Christmas dinner? Nevertheless, not all hope is lost. Here are the best New Year 2016 Party Ideas that your guests won’t forget anytime soon.

Deciding on whom to invitegalrkhpqaerq09860986

New Year 2016 party ideas should begin with deciding a few important factors. You need to decide if it will be a kid friendly party or an adults only party. Do not feel bad if you ask your guests to leave their children at home. Other parties may not like the fact that a sleeping baby curtails their partying. This is a time for them to get some relief from the family stress. If it is a kid friendly event, then you will want to include snacks and games that the kids will enjoy.

Use Christmas leftovers

Maybe there’s still some turkey left from the family dinner, or a few ingredients you haven’t used for the cake. Chances are you can whip up something from your leftovers, and your guests won’t be able to tell the difference. And we’re not just talking about food—you can keep your Christmas decorations hanging and add a few party touches, such as confetti and party hats.

Suggest a potluck

If you’re really on a budget, you can arrange a potluck party instead. Some people don’t like getting help from guests, but there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you follow basic etiquette. Make sure to tell your guests well in advance to give them time to prepare. Of course, don’t forget your own contribution—it’s usually polite to take care of one or two main courses if you’re hosting.

Serve New Year cupcakes

tggiltiu,fhji,fh6847849A party cake can be a bit over the top, especially if it’s just a small get-together. But cupcakes can fit any occasion and can be personalized to your guests’ tastes. It’s great if you can bake your own, but if you’re really busy, you can just grab some ready-made cupcakes and decorate them with frosting and cupcake toppers.

Plan a theme

Every party needs a theme to tie all the elements together. You can tell everyone to come in costume, set a color scheme, or decorate your house to look like a particular place or movie. It all depends on how much time you’re willing to put into planning and decorating. A theme sets your party apart from others and makes it more memorable for everyone.


Celebrating this special day is about spending the time saying good-bye to the old year and welcoming the birth of the new one. Spending that time with family and friends is what makes a party truly special.