Hen parties – The importance of exciting games, themes, and activities

For every bride out there, a beautiful hen party is a great opportunity to say goodbye and part with their single life and greet a married life. This is exactly why so many hens want to have the best and most engaging experience from their last night of single life. A hen party is basically a free pass to indulge and experience one last, wild night.

Organizing the party

Now, for those who are tasked with organizing a hen party, there are a large number of ideas that can help them organize an unforgettable party. Hen party themes, games, gifts, activities, invitations and accessories should be the key components of every amazing hen party. For now, let’s just focus on the most important ones.

Great Hen Party games

2Almost everyone will say that a hen party cannot be complete or great without fun hen party games. Regardless of the location where the party is held, there are all kinds of appropriate games, from Hen Pictionaries, Hen party dares to Mr and Mrs .

If a hen party takes place all night in a certain club, bar or pub, the most exciting games would probably have to be Hen Night Dare Dices or Hen Night Dare Cards. For games such as these, it is always better to have a couple of drinks first, so as to elevate the excitement and joy.

For something a bit more unique, you can add a touch of mystery and excitement to the party by engaging in a murder mystery game. For a full experience, all the guests should participate in this game, as every single one of them will have a role to play. As the party progresses, everyone will get clues and hints in regards to the potential murderer. The guest who accurately pinpoints who the murderer is wins the game.

Party themes

Appropriate and fun themes can greatly contribute to the overall feel of a hen party. If the bride enjoys themed parties, try to do everything in your power, so as to ensure that her last night of “freedom” is the best possible one. Also, make sure to allow her to suggest and pick the theme.

By choosing a theme, you want to add a specific character, vibrancy, and color to the hen party. If you are unsure about picking one, worry not, because there are a plethora of popular party themes you can choose from. The theme of the hen party can be pretty much anything from pimps, nurses, police officers and criminals to angels and other religious motifs. In the end, it all boils down to a personal taste and idea of fun.

If you opt for a particular theme. Make sure to gather all the necessary decorations and accessories that will fit the chosen theme. You can also try to make invitations and T-shirts that sport a design that fits the theme.

Party Activities

3The majority of hens prefer to spend an entire hen weekend or go on a mini vacation in order to celebrate their last moments of single life. Regardless of the location and the duration of the hen party, it is important to engage the guests in various fun activities. This will allow them to fully experience and enjoy everything a particular location has to offer.

Finally, do not forget to pick the activities that you can be certain all the guest will enjoy and have fun.


Building the Team Spirit


A company no matter how big or small has many employees. It is vital that all your staff work as a team in order to ensure the smooth completion of any process or project. More often than not, a company’s personnel can get tired and demotivated when things become mundane and boring. This is when it is important to consider a team building activity which will help get the adrenalin pumping.

What is team building?

Team building is any exercise or fun activity that can help people get gjheroivhtogether and work as one to achieve a task. These are games and activities that require members of the team to rely on each other so that all have a part to play in reaching the target. One such activity is a treasure hunt or an escape from a situation and requires all to take part and complete their task to ensure the entire team wins.

If a person fails to cooperate and do his or her part in an individual process, it will fail, and when it is a game, no one likes to lose. Therefore, team building activities are beneficial to any company that wants their staff to be at their best.

Why consider team building?

oifhcIf you are the owner or the manager of a company or a division in a large corporation, you want your team to be happy and always work together to achieve a goal. If there is one link in this chain, the entire process can suffer and your final product or service may not make your client or customer happy.

The ultimate goal in any business is to make the client satisfied and come back for more. If your team does not work together to deliver good or a service on time, the customer can become angry of never use your services again, therefore, your team is imperative to the end user satisfaction and if you do not have a happy staff your entire company can suffer in the long run.

How to find a good team building activity or venue

There are many establishments that specialize in such activities, and you can easily find one if you search online. Many of the more prominent companies are used by Fortune 500 firms on a regular basis to ensure their teams are always happy and in good spirit.

Contact one that suits your needs and find out what activities will suit your team and get the adrenaline pumping.