Why Sean Connery is The Best Actor For The Bond Character

Who is the best actor for the character James Bond? This is a recurrent debate among movie lovers of the James Bond franchise (the film industry’s longest-running franchise) the world over. For some people, Sean Connery, the originator of the role, cannot be topped; others love Roger Moore’s over-sophisticated demeanor, and younger movie-goers adore Daniel Craig’s (current James Bond) rugged hard-nosed aura.

According to wide consensus and numerous polls, Sean Connery, who acted the kjgg;oug97766role in six films from 1962 to 1971 and then in 1983, is the best Bond. In his seven Bond films-Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds are Forever and Never Say Never Again-Sean Connery brought a suave coolness coupled with a wry, smug smile that remains unmatched to this day.

There are several reasons why the Edinburgh-born Sean Connery is considered by many to be the best Bond:

1. He was the first

Connery played the first James Bond and took on the role seven times. While he may not be considered to be the very embodiment of Sir Ian Fleming’s book character, he is essentially the original Hollywood action hunk. He paved the way for such modern action heartthrobs like Tom Cruise or even Daniel Craig.

2. His unrivaled charm

He is the most charming and charismatic of all Bond actors. His suave and slick phrases and one-liners like ‘Bond, James Bond’ have become part of movie folklore.

3. His acting prowess

Connery’s acting skills are of unquestionably high caliber. This is proved by his enduring and glittering career where he even won an Oscar for the movie ‘Untouchables’-one of his post-Bond roles.Only Daniel Craig comes close to his versatility.

4. His athleticism and fitness

kjgliuufli98759875Connery, the original Bond, brought great athleticism and ruggedness to the role. This can partially be traced to his bodybuilding history, having contested for the Mr. Universe title in his younger days. While endowed with a lady-pleasing build and accent, Connery’s Bond was still physically impressive enough to make his battles with bad guys in various movies believable, entertaining and exciting.

5. Endorsement from the Bond creator

Initially, the creator of the Bond character (Ian Fleming) had serious doubts about Connery’s ability to portray the Bond character. He would later be so impressed by Connery’s convincing screen magnetism that he modified the Bond character in his later books to include a Swiss-Scottish heritage.

In conclusion, who is the best actor for the character James Bond? Sean Connery is the quintessential James Bond. However, some may argue that the James Bond actor nearest to their hearts is the one they first saw in their first Bond movie.